When you click on the link below, "Pieces I Have to Offer," you will see a picture, a description, and a price for the pottery piece. That price includes EVERYTHING...
the pottery piece, glaze, and firing. There are NO extra costs.

It's easy to have a birthday party, scouting event, or just a fun get together! 
Just email, call or text me your date and time. Same information applies to parties, events, and get-togethers...there are NO extra costs for anything. 
The price you see, is the price for the pottery, glaze, and firing. 
This way, you set the budget for your event.

I accept cash or checks. Sorry, no credit cards.

 Great Pottery Pieces I Have to Offer

Amazing Glazes I Have to Offer 

For an appointment, please text or call 414-852-0590