For an appointment, please text or call 414-852-0590

What To Expect

A ton of fun!

Process takes about an hour.
There are over 220 pieces and over 100 different glazes to choose from.
Pieces are ready for pick up usually within 24 hours.
I supply smocks, but glazes come out of clothes very easily.
Painting is fun for ALL ages! 

What Makes Me Different From Other Pottery Studios
1. I do not have any studio fees. When you see a price, that is the price for the pottery piece, glazes, and firing. There are NO extra fees.
2. I have over 220 pottery pieces and over 100 glazes. These glazes have crystals in them so when you apply them, the glaze crystals melt and make awesome designs. You do NOT need to have any artistic skills. I also have solid glazes for those of you who want to get super creative!
3. You can either come to my home studio, or I can bring everything to you. Either set a budget and I will bring pieces in that price range or tell me which pieces and glazes to bring. It's that easy. If you are in the Waukesha area, there is no driving fee, but if you are not in the area, I ask for a $10 driving fee to come to your location. Please make arrangements for pottery pickup.

​About Your Pottery
Your pottery is food, dishwasher, and microwave-safe.
Feel free to put your pottery outside to decorate the garden, feed the birds, etc. 
I would suggest NOT putting your pieces outside during the cold months.
Your pottery will NOT chip on its own, but if you ever find that your pottery has chipped from hitting it on the counter, etc., bring it back and we'll reglaze it and refire it.

What's That Noise?
Are you hearing pinging or crackling noises coming from your pottery? 
If so, that's totally normal. 
The glaze is settling and/or crackling. 
It will eventually stop.